Monday, March 19, 2012

German beef broth with bovine liver balls


Ground beef, celery and the end of the end of the carrot, egg, beef, onion, beef broth, white wine, red wine, salt, pepper, ice


(1) the end of the ground beef and celery, carrot at the end and mix well, add egg, red wine, ice, salt, pepper, and stir the beef broth, heated from time to time, stirring, until soup roll.

(2) after the soup boil, to maintain the micro-roll state 4 to 6 hours, filter the broth.

(3) beef liver cooked, pressed into mud, add salt, white wine, onion and egg, made ​​into balls and cooked in boiling water pot, boil into the beef broth can be.

Special care

And beef soup boil to form a block, no longer stirring to avoid the soup get cloudy.